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How do I Find Primary Sources?: Other Places to Find Primary Sources

Where to Find More

If you have looked in the catalog and databases from the Kraemer Family Library and still cannot find what you are looking for, there are materials in the Reference Collection that list or cite primary sources and some online websites that specialize in making primary source documents available.

** Remember: If you are spending a lot of time looking for resources and are  not having any luck, contact the Research Assistance desk or set-up an appointment with a librarian to get help. **

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Other Primary Source Location Ideas

If you would like to find more resources like these in the Kraemer Library Catalog, a good Subject heading to look under is United States History Sources.

Primary documents once available only in print and microfilm collections are available in a digitized format on the World Wide Web from free websites or through subscription services. As with all information on the Web, users must evaluate the authenticity of these documents. Educational and government resources are often more reliable than personal websites. For more information about selecting primary source web sites, go to Using Primary Resources on the Web. Below are some examples of reputable major collections of primary resources, subject directories, and search engines that will help you find primary resource material.

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