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How do I Find Literary Criticism?: Find Articles

Search Tips!

While not every database works the same way, keep these general search tips in mind when looking for articles and essays of criticism: 

  • To search for criticism on a specific work of literature, search the title of the work as a KEYWORD or SUBJECT and link it with the term "criticism."  Remember, you want to find analysis about the work, not the work itself.  For example, to find criticism on Raymond Carver's short story, Where I'm Calling From, my search phrase would look like the following:

"where i'm calling from" and criticism

  • To search for essays of general criticism on an author, search the author's name as a  KEYWORD or SUBJECT and link it with the term "criticism."  You want to find information about the author, NOT articles or essays they have written.  For example:

"carver, raymond" and criticism

  • Using quotation marks (" ") searches for exact phrases.


Why should you use databases to find literary criticism? Library databases are subject to a reviewing process, contain reputable information, and allow you to manage your search results.  Many of the articles and essays you retrieve through the library's databases will be scholarly in nature and readily available (full-text), unlike much of the information you might find on the Web.

The databases listed below are the most useful in finding literary criticism.