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How do I Use EndNote Basic?: Manage Groups


A Group is like a folder.  It's a place to put the citations that you have collected. You can create as many groups as you need. Citations can belong to more than one group.

Groups help you to organize your citations.  For example, you can create a group for a class project. You'll want to give the group a name that represents the project such as the course number and prefix (for example, NURS 7020) or a keyword that represents your topic (for example, Happiness).


1. Go to the Organize tab

2. Select the Mange My Groups option

3. Select New Group then enter a name for your group

Picture of how to manage a group in EndNote Web

This tool will reveal duplicate citations in your Group lists that you can then delete. Duplicates can occur if you export or import the same citations from the same or different databases.

1. Go to the Organize tab and select the Find Duplicates feature. It will automatically begin working to find the duplicate citations.

2. EndNote Basic will automatically select all of the duplicates in the results list, so that you can do a batch Delete if you would like. Otherwise, you can individual select and deselect citations using the checkmark boxes to the left of each citaiton.

Picture of how to get rid of duplicate citations in EndNote Web