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The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
  • Trial Resource
This digital-first format offers a modernized scientific author’s guide to master the art of scholarly communication, and will be updated and expanded biannually. Includes 11 new chapters and video best practices for authoring scholarly communication.
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Trial Expires 6/30/20
AtoZdatabases is a reference and marketing database providing details on businesses and households within the U.S.
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Trial expires 4/28/20
Scholarly content in the humanities and social sciences including primary documents, critical texts, historical archives, video and audio resources.
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Trial expires 5/29/20
E&E News includes access to five daily publications and video programs focusing on energy and environment policy and business: E&E Daily, Energywire, Climatewire, Greenwire and E&E News PM.
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Trial Expires 4/17/20
Contains the complete catalog of Harvard Business Review e-books. With over 600 e-books that include 400+ monographs, newly published e-books, seminal works, and 150+ article compilations of the HBR Classics series.
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Trial expires 05/30/20
Passport is a global strategic intelligence research database holding local and international statistics, industry-standard data and analysis, as well as multi-country coverage of products, services, companies, channels, consumers, economics, demographics, social trends
We want to hear what you think of Passport Full Academic
Trial expires 7/14/20

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